Electronic Vibration Monitoring Optimization Equipment for AG, SAG and Ball Mills in Cement and Mining

Mining Minerals and Cement

Digital Control Lab, LLC. has been in business for over 15 years and is a group of highly trained individuals with expertise in signal processing, computer design and vibration analysis. We have products to accurately measure real-time fill level volume, liner and bearing wear for ball mills in cement and mining.

MillSlicer - NEW for Mining!

Designed for SAG,AG and other large ball mills, this system can be used for auto control, real-time liner damage analysis, liner wear over time and the mill's current toe/shoulder position.

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MillScan Dual G4 for the Cement Industry!

This is the fourth generation of our MillScan product first introduced back in 2001 for Cement mills. Over 400 systems sold worldwide, it's more accurate than ever and is easier to install and calibrate.

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System Benefits