MillScan ASIC

Our newest, lowest maintenance product

By measuring the real-time vibration off of the inlet and outlet bearing housings, MillScan Dual G4 yields a highly accurate mill fill level signal that can be used to run the mill under automated loop control or greatly assist control room operations under manual control. If your bearing oil pressure or oil temperature is not constant, it is not a problem, there is an optional RF shell based sensor that can be used to measure the vibration directly off of the shell.



  • Increase ROI of your existing mills
  • Eliminate mill output obstruction/spills
  • Lower production costs
  • Increased quality from reductions in Blaine standard deviations
  • More efficient production control



  • Zero crosstalk from adjacent mills or equipment
  • Precise mill fill level measurements
  • All digital system, no component drift
  • 3x resolution compared to mic based systems
  • Excellent for automated look control
  • Fast/easy mill installation & calibration
  • Extremely easy to maintain and simple documentation