Real-time knowledge of what's going on inside your mill...


MillSlicer can help you reduce liner damage, eliminate obstruction spills, increase material throughput all while producing a better targeted output

World Class System Components

  • Custom wide bandwidth inlet & outlet vibration sensors
  • Shell mounted vibration sensor w/transmitter & 1 year battery
  • Fixed magnetic boom for shell sensor synchronization
  • Industry standard analog 4-20 mA signal outputs
  • Industry standard Modbus/OPC digital interface
  • All digital system, zero crosstalk w/zero component drift




Higly Accurate Signals

  • Three volumetric fill levels (inlet, outlet, shell)
  • 360 degree realtime ball impact polar plot
  • Realtime Liner damage level (LDL) indication
  • Enahanced operation for manual or auto control
  • 3x resolution compared to mic based systems
  • Fast/easy system installation & calibration


Yields ...


Optimal Mill Performance and a Happy Boss

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