MineralScan Lite

Reduced cost solution for fixed speed mills

MineralScan Lite was designed for FIXED SPEED ball mills. Similar to MillSlicer, it provices three fill level signals (inlet, shell, outlet) that can be used for enhanced manual operation or automatic loop control. It does not have internet connectivity as found in MillSlicer and it also does not have the ability to produce 360 degree energy plots (also found in MillSlicer). The cost however is significantly reduced when compared to MillSlicer.



  • Increase ROI of your existing ball mill
  • Eliminate mill output obstruction/spills
  • Lower production costs
  • Reduced liner wear by keeping your mill more full
  • Reduced particle size deviation from target
  • More efficient production control



  • Custom inlet bearing housing vibration sensor
  • Custom outlet bearing housing vibration sensor
  • Custom mill shell vibration sensor
  • Three mill fill level measurements for manual or auto control
  • Zero crosstalk from adjacent mills or equipment
  • All digital system, no component drift
  • 3x resolution compared to mic based systems
  • Easier to install than MillSlicer
  • Fast simple (2 minute) calibration performed at the box
  • No internet connectivity required